Sprouted Buckwheat Seed

12.80 SGD


Touted as a superfood to lower bad cholestrol.

This has been hailed as Superfood, it can be used in all bakery goods as toppings and mixed in dough.  The seed crispness and its flavour can enhance aroma of bread and cookies.  Suitable for vegetarians. Halal certified.

The sprouted buckwheat provides the bread with the following features:
Input of enzymes
Improvement in bioavailability
and sensory properties.  Check out our chef’s creations and easy to follow recipe videos.

Sprouted Buckwheat Seed, if you’re looking for that Satisfaction Crunch when you take that first bite, you will be delighted using this for your baking creations. You can use this for bread toppings or just mixed in dough, a delightful crunchy texture for cookies. Extremely high in antioxidants and magnesium, just abundance of pure nutritional values to add into any baking ingredients. Food for thought !

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