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Cereals from wholegrain are known for good nutrition and health benefits! Made with Malted Roasted Barley, Rye and Sourdough. This wholesome premix with 100% natural goodness is every bread should have for a healthier diet and to fuel the day. 

Key Benefits of Cereals Premix

  • 100% natural and from Italy
  • Well balanced nutrition with rye flour, oat flour.
  • There are malted roasted barley to give the needed fibre, protein and vitamins for daily needs.
  • Natural ingredients like dehydrated sourdoughs to enhance the flavour.

        Halal Certified 

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        Financiers, named after people who have no time to eat and like to savour this petite cake in style.

        Financiers with Cereal Premix

        A 70g Egg Whites

        B 10g Honey
        70g Caster Sugar

        C 30g Cereal
        30g German Bread Flour Type 405
        1 pinch Salt

        D 75g Brown Butter

        1. Whisk egg white A in a bowl using an egg beater until frothy.
        2. Pour in Honey & Caster Sugar B and mix with egg beater gently until even.
        3. Sieve ingredients C into mixture and mix gently until even.
        4. Finally pour in the brown butter D and mix until smooth.
        5. Apply topping E or any topping of your choice.
        6. Bake at 190 degrees Celsius for 10-12 minutes

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