Malt & Rye

9.80 SGD


Malt & Rye, for generations this mix has been the forefront in European baking. The finest selection of choice when you want to create that aromatic dark brown delicious bread. Made from Rye Flour, Puffed Malted Rye, Roasted Malt & Sourdough. It goes to show that we treasure the ingredients to achieve that wholesome goodness. 

Key Benefits of Malt & Rye Premix

  • 100% natural and from Italy
  • Well balanced nutrition with rye flour, puffed malted rye.
  • Roasted malt to give the needed fibre, protein and vitamins for daily needs.
  • Natural ingredients like dehydrated sourdough to enhance the flavour.

    Halal Certified 

    Learn how to use our products here: Classroom – Biocreation | Biocreation (


    Challah is a traditional Jewish bread served during celebrations. It is braided and shaped inmany shapes and sizes, unleash your creativity and start braiding one now.

    1. Mix the above for 15 mins on medium speed and leave it to rest for 45 mins for first rising.  This process helps the formation of Gluten.(Cut)
    2.  Once 45 mins is over, the dough will be double the size. Take out the dough and fold it over and form into a boule. Leave it to rest for another 45 minutes for second rising.(Cut)
    3.  After second rise, divide the dough into 3 equal portions and shape into traditional Challah Braid as final shaping.
    4.  Leave shaped dough to rise for an hour(Cut), egg wash the top and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Celcius for 30 minutes.  Convection fan off.
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