[Biocreations] Christmas Panettone Bundle

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Panettone Flour, milled in Piedmont, home of Italian gastronomy, is the perfect ingredient to give the Panettone bread its distinctive fluffy characteristics. With a high protein content, it is specially curated for large pastry creations and special cakes. W380-400 


Panettone sourdough, familiar to many just by its unique fruity, vanilla & sweet fragrance. The perfect ingredient to create cakes, cupcakes, pastries, pancakes, scones, sweet breads and even cream fillings. This sourdough ingredient can do so much, and a favourite among chefs. Try it out, you might just invent a new recipe yourself! Want to keep your bread soft naturally for days without using chemicals? Domino Verde, made in Italy, can give volume to breads and keep it soft.


Domino Verde, this is the only 100% natural bread improver to bread structure and softness. Extraordinary award winner in the baking industry in Europe for its natural ingredient of choice to improve moisture of bread, keeping it soft for a longer period with taste and texture locked in. We want to give our customers Europe’s standard of E-number Free, support us and say no to chemicals and embrace natural goodness.


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