Sourdough is the healthier choice or even better.

Healthier and tastier bread has been the latest trend for everyone in the recent years. Cafes and food places with beautifully puffed and airy pastries are appealing for the working and non-working adults. Mummies can also make cute little buns for their kids with the ease of getting healthy ingredients, as and when they like. In addition, the home-bakers are looking for the airy healthy bread to be posted on their Instagram gallery. It must also be tasty. They want to create bread, buns and cakes with little or no commercial yeast and zero preservatives for their love ones.

Sourdough is better
Sourdough is all natural. They are obtained by fermentation of flour with water, lactobacilli (LAB) and, sometimes, yeasts. Today, technology allows the production of concentrated products in dried, powder form, that can be used easily in premixes or, directly, in bread baking. Dried sourdoughs are better. They have perfect constituency, variety and better quality. It is also through this fermentation process of the sourdough that our body can absorb more nutrients. It is a commonly know knowledge that sourdough bread is a better choice than normal white bread.

Healthier and Tasty
Wheat Sourdough is one of the more beautiful flour that produces a pretty picturesque white bread and a mild flavour to it. It is easy to digest. They are fermented naturally in a way that depletes bad starches within it, so it won’t cause your blood sugar to rise. This dough will have increased its flavor and taste because of the organic acids created as a byproduct of natural fermentation. The probiotics help to make your guts happy and healthier. They are also known to be low in carbohydrates.

Besides Wheat sourdough, there is also rye sourdough for its strong flavour and color. Each kind of its sourdough has their own unique flavour and caters to each individual. Waffles, pancakes, pretzels, muffins and crackers are some products that you can make from sourdough. The different healthy pastries we can create from sourdough will keep every generation happy. Every bake will have its fair share of flavour and suited for every race and culture. For example, we can even use sourdough to make into ‘Man Tao’. You can find asian recipes from our website or YouTube gallery.

Hokkaido Milk Bun

Biocreations ingredients used are Spring R10 Sourdough Powder, German Wheat Flour type 550, Malt 110, Domino Verde, Angel Instant dry Yeast

Aside from the fabulous characteristics of sourdough, let’s get hands on and make some buns. In addition, Hokkaiddo Milk Buns are one of our favourite recipe as the ingredients which comprise sourdough, for it is all natural and easy to bake. No commercial preservatives or artificial flavourings are in for this recipe. We use 100% natural malt for the dustings for the buns. This bun is super light, fluffy and creates the most amazing flavour and texture.

At Biocreation Asia, we have the ingredients and recipes that you can re-create at home or in your bakery. It is the healthier choice you can make for your family and friends. We are also available in Shopee and Lazada. Visit our website to get healthier choice baking recipes. 

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