Tiger Lotus Buns

May 23, 2022 |


50% 50g German Wheat Flour Type 405
50% 50g Paprika Premix
5% 5g Pane Sourdough Powder
2% 2g Domino Verde Natural Improver
14% 14g Sugar
50% 50g Water
1% 1g Angel Instant Dry Yeast
4% 4g Corn oil
3% 3g Malt 110


Mix all ingredients (except Malt) to form a dough
2. Rest the dough for 5 min and knead until the surface is smooth
3. Cut out 10g of Paprika dough and mix 3g Malt 110 evenly to make tiger stripes
4. Divide the Paprika dough into 4 equal portions and shape it into round balls
5. Use a rolling pin to flatten it into an oval shape
6. Add tiger stripes and roll flat
7. Fold half into lotus leaf mantou
8. Proof for 30 min or until dough double
9. Steam for 12 min. Turn steam off for 3 min. Uncover lid for 3 min and serve

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Tiger Lotus Bun Recipe
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