Sweet Waffles

March 29, 2022 |



A          100%   200g    German Flour Type 405

            25%     50g      Glutinous rice flour

            50%     100g    Fine brown sugar

            2.5%    5g        Norcia Sourdough Powder

            2.5%    5g        Domino Verde

            2%       4g        Angel Instant Dry Yeast

            2.5%    5g        Fine sea salt/ Himalayan pink salt


B          70%     160g    Eggs

            125%   250g    Coconut Milk

            37%     75g      Burnt Butter


C         Topping:          Azuki Beans with Kale powder and crushed peanuts

                                    Nutella with marshmallows & Toasted coconut flakes



  1.  In a large steel bowl, mix dry ingredients A.
  2.  In another mixing bowl, mix wet ingredients B.
  3.  Pour wet mix B into Dry mix A and whisk until smooth.
  4.  Cover mixture 60 mins to ferment. (30 mins if in proofer of 40̊ C)
  5.  The batter is ready for pressing, cook thoroughly until waffle surface browns.
  6.  Assemble your dessert waffle as desired.


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