German Puff Pastry

March 29, 2022 |


A          100%   280g    German Flour Type 650

            35%     100g    Fine sugar

            1%       3g        Salt

                        4TB     Melted butter


B          171%   480g    Full cream milk

            7%       20g      Sarrasin Sourdough

            86%     240g    Large eggs

            43%     120g    Large egg whites


Important note, keep all the ingredients at room temperature for better mixing.



  1.  Mix Group A with mixing paddle until well blended and grainy
  2.  Slowly mix Group B into A until the batter is smooth and watery
  3.  Preheat oven to 200̊ C and preheat skillet for 10 minutes, grease skillet with butter, pour in batter and bake after pastry had puffed  and browned.
  4.  Serve with sauce or ingredients of your choice. We recommend our chef’s creation Panettone cream cheese filling here:

            100g    Double whipping cream

            120g    Cream cheese

              30g    Sugar

               10g    Panettone Sourdough Powder

      5.  Whisk all 4 ingredients until fluffy, pipe and serve on cooled pastry

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