High Hydration Focaccia

March 23, 2022 |




A          The Dough

            10%     50g    Durum Flour

90%     450g    T65 Bread Flour

80%     400g    Water

4%       20g      Focaccia Pre-Fermented Powder

3%       15g      Domino Verde

3%       15g      Olive Oil

2%       10g      Salt

1%       5g        Angel Instant Dry Yeast



  1. Mix the dough on low speed for 3 min, increase to medium speed until dough doesn’t stick onto the bowl (usually 10 min)
  2. Transfer to tupperware that has been seasoned with olive oil.
  3. Stretch and Fold every 20 minutes for 40 minutes (3 cycles)
  4. Bulk ferment at 30 ̊ C proofer for 30 minutes
  5. Season your baking tray with olive oil and transfer the dough to the baking tray
  6. Stretch out the dough to cover as much of the tray as possible taking care not to create any tears in the dough.
  7. Proof the dough at 30 ̊ C for 60-90 minutes depending on the level of acidity you want.
  8. Rub the dough with olive oil and dimple before adding your preferred toppings
  9. Bake at 200 degrees ̊ C for 40 minutes and transfer to a cooling rack.

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