Rye Sandwich

December 30, 2020 | Chef Oliver Lim


100% 440g  German Bread Flour Type 650
21% 93g Rye Flour T997
10%  44g Sunflower & Cereals
3.4%  15g R10 Sourdough Powder
1.1%    5g Domino Improver Natural Improver
1.1%    5g Vital Wheat Gluten
2.2%  10g  Sea Salt
4.5%  20g  Sugar
1.1% 5g  Angel Instant Dry Yeast
80%  35g  Iced Water
1.6%  7g   Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Topping:   Cheese, Sous Vide Cajun Spiced Chicken & Egg Yolk
Fillings:   Dried Cranberries, Fresh Blueberry, Butter, Honeycomb


    1. Mix all ingredients until the dough does not stick to the mixing bowl (10min at medium speed)
    2. Bulk ferment to double for 1hour (if your room temperature is 33̊C)
    3. Portion into 30g round doughs (dinner rolls) and/or 250g(according to your toast tin size)
    4. Bench rest for 10 mins and

         a. Round the dough, place into toast tins or,
         b. Add preferred berries, shape into smaller round balls

  1. Final fermentation for another 1hr at 33̊C or until it doubles
  2. Bake in 200 ̊C preheated oven for 12-20 min depending on dough size
  3. Slice and toast sandwich, served with sous vide cajun chicken and egg yolks

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Rye Sandwich